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Unified Communications and AV Integration

Communication is Key. Do you have the technology to Sync People. Technology and your Business ?

    Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is not a single tool or product, but a collection of solutions, which organizations implement to ensure that nearly all their technology works together, smoothly, and securely, for near real-time collaboration. UC&C integrates diverse communication tools, such as Voice, IP Telephony Calling, Instant Messaging, Desktop Sharing, Presence, and Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, and Video Conferencing, to interact together in a virtually seamless way.

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC & C)

    Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC & C):

    Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is not a single tool or product, but a collection of solutions, which organizations implement to ensure that nearly all their technology works together, smoothly, and securely, for near real-time collaboration. UC&C integrates diverse communication tools, such as Voice, IP Telephony Calling, Instant Messaging, Desktop Sharing, Presence, and Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, and Video Conferencing, to interact together in a virtually seamless way.

    • Cisco Webex Teams
    • Webex Teams is an app-centric, cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams. It allows you to create, meet, message, call, care, whiteboard and share in one continuous workstream regardless of whether you're together or apart. Webex Teams is a simple, secure, complete, and open service that enables people to work seamlessly.

    • Cisco Webex Meetings
    • Today’s organizations need better ways to communicate and collaborate without increasing costs or reducing the effectiveness of human interaction. The Webex Meetings technology platform for collaboration and communication can help you meet today’s challenges and continue to address future needs.

    • Webex Suite for Hybrid workforce
    • Everything your business needs to collaborate—in the world’s first unified, purpose-built suite for hybrid work. Webex powers a new way of working that’s centered around the work you do, not where you do it.

    • Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Teams is a combined chat and online meeting solution. You easily share files and initiate conversations via video or call. As part of Office 365, it integrates with other Office applications, email, calendars and SharePoint - giving your team the tools they need to work efficiently from anywhere. 

    • Zoom meetings
    • It provides a cloud-based video meeting solution which is simple for businesses to deploy (even in a pandemic) and for collaborating teams to use, even with minimal training and installation support. This allows organisations to quickly achieve adoption and productivity goals as they look to build collaboration infrastructure that accommodates new workflows.

    • Zoom Rooms
    • brings HD video collaboration into any space - in the office, in the classroom, or at home - and enable in-person and remote participants to interact in real time. Simple to start a meeting, book a room, and share content, Zoom Rooms are the conference room experience you’ve always wanted.

  • Board Room & Conference Rooms

    Board Room & Conference Rooms

    Boardrooms are being re-imagined to easily connect to participants across the world while providing a world-class, immersive experience that enables business leaders to conduct productive, cost-efficient meetings.

    The modern boardroom & conference room design features high-resolution displays of up to 4K for improved image clarity resulting in crisper more engaging presentations. This means that communicating finer details like intricate graphs, detailed spreadsheets, and high-definition photographs etc., is simpler than ever before. These displays can also be touch sensitive, which allows information to be annotated to convey ideas in a more dynamic and precise way.

    Wireless presentation technology enables BYOD, which allows presenters to walk in even with mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone, and present content seamlessly and wirelessly. Highly intuitive control systems let the presenter get the room lighting, projector, and other devices ready with the touch of a single button.

    Boardrooms & Conference Rooms designed by us improves the environment for meetings, improves operational client interactions and helps reduce corporate travel expenses. It also provides meeting participants with the flexibility to participate remotely, in case they are unable to be physically present.

    We provide following solutions for advanced boardrooms and conference rooms design

    • Interactive touch LED display panels.
    • LED touch conference table.
    • video conferencing system.
    • Audio conferencing system.
    • Enterprise Networking Solution.
    • Touch control panels, switches, cables and Pop-up Box.
    • Acoustics Solution
    • Video conferencing system
  • Smart Training

    Smart Training

    The journey of developing a smart classroom has been long but escalating. From a classroom that solely depends upon chalks and boards for interaction, the step has been taken towards “interactive whiteboards”.

    Replacing the traditional notion of teaching, it incorporates the finest “digital ink technology” that helps the children to stay focused on classroom teaching and in an entertain.

    Smart training solution integrates interactive and rich multimedia equipment’s which illuminates abstract & difficult concepts with crystal clarity. It binds the interaction gaps between teacher & students and helps them realize their true potential. The classroom is integrated with the digital displays, tabs, whiteboards, assistive listening devices, and other audio/visual components that make lectures easier, engaging, and more interactive.

      We offer the following components of smart classroom

    • Smart Teaching Podium
    • Document Camera / Visualiser
    • Lecture Recording System
    • Interactive Whiteboard
    • Interactive Displays
    • Digital Teaching Device
    • Interactive Teaching Pad
    • Classroom Audio System
    • Student Response System
    • Projector

    Smart training allows you:

    • To enable a personalized, secure and interactive learner experience.
    • To transform the learning experience and increase engagement thereby.
    • Stimulates interactivity and collaboration while promoting creativity and learnings across the training.
    • Enables Distance Learning wherein, the trainee can participate in lectures streamed from other locations.
    • Recording and streaming of trainer’s lectures to watch later and learn on their own time.
    • It helps creative thinking and development.
  • Huddle Rooms

    Huddle Rooms

      Huddle rooms are small rooms that are defined as 4 to 6 persons meeting rooms that are equipped with audio, video and display technology. Huddle rooms are more flexible, easy-to-use, and relatively low-cost environments where sharing content from laptop & smart phone is a basic need. Huddle rooms are the future of collaboration.

      Wouldn’t it be great if the huddle rooms could be equipped with cost effective - yet reliable solutions like wireless presenter, automation, and control system, etc. which will lead to easy collaboration?

  • Auditoriums


    Auditoriums require control for projectors, displays, and the ability to support a wireless or wired mic with the flexibility to control the features. This solution is designed for medium-sized auditoriums, lecture halls, and larger classrooms where instructors teach from a lectern and need both projected video and amplified audio. The Hall Auditorium solution provides many integrated features to support a wide range of needs found in a larger educational space. Integration of the professional audio systems and video distribution systems with various display technologies is made easy with the Hall Auditorium solution. It features VGA upscaling, programmable source and power buttons, auto-switching, an optional remotely located keypad, and lossless HDBaseT technology.

      Redefine Auditoriums Sound System Build Corporate Auditoriums with world-class Designs & top-Quality Audio-Visual Multimedia.

      We help to implement AV technology for centralized management of the auditorium, enabled via touch-based controllers that allow event managers to stay in control even in the high-pressure environment that lives events inevitably create. These control systems can be integrated with almost any electronic or electrical system including HVAC, sound systems, lighting, drapes, AV devices, projectors, screens, cameras, video conferencing systems, etc.

    We offer high-quality AV integration, design, installation, and board room solutions to our clients with advanced technology.:

    • Adjusting AV using a Tablet or Mobile device
    • Real-time monitoring and central management
    • Recording the event for later viewing
    • Live streaming to other locations
    • Share content to various devices
    • Recording the event for later viewing
  • Acoustics


    Unwanted sound is proven to cause errors, measurable physical distress, fatigue.  Even ill health. For organizational results and for people’s wellbeing, good acoustics are simply essential for all areas of the workplace.

    Today’s workplace world of open offices and small workstations is hard on people AND their productivity. Noise interferes with concentration and memory and “getting-stuff-done”.  And then there’s the overall discomfort, sick days, and general irritability that’s the result of excessive noise.

    Acoustic panels can help in meeting rooms, offices, reception, and lounge areas, to eliminate the “echo chamber” effect created by hard surfaces such as glass, brick, drywall, even wood.

    • Acoustic panels in the boardroom will enhance speech discrimination improving communications, interactions, and comfort.  So, meetings become more productive, less fatiguing.
    • Teleconferencing from acoustically fitted meeting rooms becomes easier for those on both ends of the line – people can hear and be heard. Colleagues and clients in remote locations appreciate the more professional quality of the call and can concentrate on the business at hand, instead of being distracted by the sound distortion.
    • Make office lobbies and reception areas more effective:  Welcome visitors with warm greetings and ambiance. Acoustic panels can look as good as they sound, enhancing first impressions all around.
    • Reduce time lost to distractions and inefficiencies in open-concept offices.  Acoustic treatments will reduce noise and support task concentration.
    • Promote greater employee well-being and productivity by creating a supportive acoustic environment.


    Workplace noise management can involve a multi-faceted approach to block noise, support conversation privacy and reduce reverberation.

    Our systematic Acoustic Design and well-implemented Audio System setup can revamp the user experience in any space with:

    • Concept reinforcement in a lecture hall, as well as improved audio communication for students.
    • In a conference room, audio clarity is important for impacting simple ideas and proposals.
    • Adding life to stage performances generates a distinct sense of connection with the audience's emotions.
    • Reliable alarm systems in case of a Fire, Soothing background music systems.
    • Enjoyable audience experience in every social recreation site.
  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

      Digital signage solution is an ecosystem comprised of numerous components like media players, displays, content, and storage management. Digital signage proves more diverse and powerful as opposed to traditional static signage that often comes with a recurring cost. Digital signage software gives the flexibility to control actions, manage and distribute content, world over from your fingertips. Not only does this translate to higher consumer engagement and interaction but also handsome ROI for the business.

      Digital Signage Solutions is a powerful solution that can empower a brand to desecrate the social mindset of not an individual but larger audience and encourage a delve into the importance of a brand or its necessity. It is the best and the fastest way to influence large and diverse audiences all at one go.

      Companies use digital signage solutions to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, or are directed to interactive wayfinding on touchscreens to find their way around campus. They can be used in any environment lobbies, student lounges, cafeterias, break rooms, call centres, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms, virtually any public space or network.