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Data Center

    Embrace the future of Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure for the Data Center

    Traditional data centres are outdated. They can only offer limited flexibility and scalability that comes at a high price. Compute, storage, and security demands are constantly increasing, leaving organizations to find better ways to handle their data management. But with software-defined data centre solutions, the search is over.

    Our unified data centre solutions provide an advanced infrastructure to distribute your critical IT resources, but with management made easier than ever before.

    Our data centre solutions deliver the automation and efficiency needed to achieve more in less time, at lower costs, and with fewer resources. Offering unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency, software-defined data centre (SDDC) solutions free the application layer from the physical infrastructure layer, to enable flexible deployment, management, storage, computing and networking applications for the private, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

    When it comes to power, it’s a fundamental part of our lives and world. Your business needs power management and protection technologies which are efficient, safe and reliable as you set out to improve people’s lives and their environment.

    It’s true: Using less will save your organization more. Doing everything you can to improve efficiency and minimize energy waste is crucial to helping grow your business. The right power management and protection solutions can give you a business advantage, delivering value, such as:

    • Reducing energy and operational costs
    • Improving power and equipment reliability
    • Optimizing operations
    • Increasing system capacity
    • Minimizing expensive downtime
    • Meeting sustainability goals
    • Boosting productivity