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Physical Infrastructure

The Future Is Physical Infrastructure Which Is Tomorrow's Most Important Technology

  • Data Cabling

    Data Cabling:

    Structured cabling is a critical backbone that drives today’s communication systems. VCOM designs and installs dynamic and cost-effective network communication systems built to meet the needs of your growing organization. As a full-service infrastructure provider, we offer a full range of services from inspection to support. All of which make your business safer, more efficient, and more secure. We can an provide copper and fibre optic connectivity for voice/phones, data/computers/networking hardware, audio-visual equipment, security equipment, paging systems, and beyond. Regardless of the complexity or size of the project, look to VCOM for all your voice, data, video, and multimedia requirements.

      Our structured cabling components includes:

    • Cabling: Cat 5e, 6, 6a, 10Gig
    • Fibre Optic Cabling
    • Outside Plant Cabling
    • Voice Cabling
    • Data Centres
    • Coax
    • Conduit
    • Basket Tray / Ladder Rack
    • Wireless/ In-Building Wireless
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
    • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) LED Lighting Systems Patch panels
    • Racks and cabinets
    • Access floor
    • Power distribution units
    • Cable managers
    • Power Connect
    • Server Racking & Patching solutions
    • Network Rack Clean-up
  • Fiber Optics

    Single-mode or multi-mode, VCOM can build the fiber optic infrastructure you need

      Although fiber optic cabling solutions are not suited for all business environments, it can serve as a useful solution for large facilities. Fiber optic cabling is frequently used when connecting multiple IDF locations together within a large space, for providing connections that span far distances that exceed what standard Category 5e/6/6a cabling can cover, or if a higher speed connection is required.

  • Racking & Cable Management

    Creative cabling solutions to keep your network cabling equipment secured and organized

      Rack cable management is a crucial task done by determining the best layout and necessary equipment for any new MDF/IDF/server room or room organization. Optimizing room space, providing the best solutions possible, while working with what a customer needs is where our Design team brings ideas to life.

      Our goal is to make sure that your business has an organized space for your cabling and networking equipment that suits the company’s needs now while also planning for future growth as well.

      When designing a custom MDF or server room, the key to a successful build is to have a variety of options, sizing, and colours available to allow the perfect fit with vast selection of cable runways and accessories, ladder racking, 2-post, and 4-post racks, enclosed cabinets, horizontal and vertical cable management, and much more.

  • Audio / Video

    Audio / Video:

      Over the last decade, the office AV installation systems landscape has changed dramatically. Today, with the current AV over IP offerings, your AV components can not only send and receive content over the network, but also offer convenient management from almost any computer or mobile device.

      If your organization is not quite ready to take advantage of an AV over IP solution. We can design a more traditional AV system based on standard cabling and components. As a natural complement to structured cabling expertise, we can help expand existing systems, provide new ones, and offer ongoing maintenance and support throughout the lifecycle of the system.

      We can work with architects, owners/reps, and consultants to help create an AV system and installation that fits your exact requirements. If you are unsure where to begin, we can also help provide a complete system design and documentation package to meet your budget expectations.

      Regardless of the types of technologies, you are looking to implement (HDBaseT, AVoIP, Unified Communications, etc.), we can work with you to create a system that fits your needs.

  • Security & Physical Access Control Systems

    Security & Physical Access Control Systems

      More than just setting up a camera, no comprehensive security strategy is complete without a video surveillance platform enabling visibility and insight into your business. The access control systems is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy that increases safety, serves as a crime deterrent, monitors traffic levels, and allows for capturing and documenting security events on your premises.

      High-resolution video surveillance systems are designed around your requirements, including visible and hidden cameras, wireless networks, motion detection, and camera controls accessible anywhere right from your computer or smartphone. The convergence of video surveillance with access control means you have more effective, quicker responses to security incidents. And, with the ability to control and monitor your servers from anywhere, you can both save time on maintenance and reduce costs.

      Our trained security and technology specialists ensure that you are aware of the constantly evolving security threats and offer up-to-date solutions that will protect you as these threats evolve. To accomplish this, we only provide “best-in-class” solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers, all seamlessly integrated to ensure the protection of people, property, and assets. Our experience and expertise allow us to design, install, and service your systems at several price points.

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

    Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

      More devices than ever are converging onto a common IT infrastructure, allowing low voltage building systems like voice, data, security, AV, lighting and HVAC to communicate with each other via Internet Protocol (IP) to provide significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of the facility, while improving overall user experience, wellbeing and productivity.

      The foundation to this integration is a single unified physical infrastructure that transmits information and delivers power to devices using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology – everything from IP phones, desktop computers and wireless access points, to surveillance cameras, LED lighting, distributed antenna systems and building automation devices. The benefits that remote powering delivers; faster deployment, 75% less cost than an AC power run and the ability to receive centralised back-up power, just to name a few, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of PoE devices in use.

      Network-powered lighting systems provide building owners with a fully integrated, end-to-end, intelligent system leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, building automation, HVAC, analytics, and other technologies. Similar in the way Voice over IP (VoIP) delivered innovations in enterprise telecommunications networks, PoE lighting offers a defining platform that enables new capabilities. In a connected PoE system, each light links to an infrastructure comprised of structured cabling and PoE enabled network switches. PoE technology allows highly customizable environments that can gather and share data, inspire new ways of interacting with people and places, and provide more personalized workspaces that improve safety, comfort, and productivity.