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We provide an industry-centric solutions focused on value realization for all our customers. We apply the latest industry best practices and can transform business operations across your organization. We have been serving companies in industries such as discrete and process manufacturing, automotive & heavy equipment, Heathcare, IT & ITeS, Logistics, Banking & Finance, Education, Insurance, Oil & Gas & utilities etc and are able to provide industry specific solutions and services.


We offer a comprehensive range of applications, infrastructure, and digital management services to the BFSI sector to optimize transaction processing costs, navigate increased regulatory requirements, handle volume spikes, modernize legacy systems, and design engaging customer journeys. We empower clients to reinvent business models, automate core operations, and drive profitability with applied innovation. Internet, wireless technology, and global straight-through processing have created a paradigm shift in the banking industry - from brick-and-mortar banks to banking virtually across time zones, geographical locations, access points, and delivery channels.


Secure. Reliable. Intelligent. Transformative. Imagine what’s possible with a network designed for the future of digital banking. More Data. More mobile users. More applications. More complexity. Be prepared for whatever comes next for Financial Services. We're here to help you...


We help them address business complexities with customized solutions and services. With a thorough understanding of Industry challenges, including network planning and design, fleet management, warehouse mobility, digital inventory tracking, managing asset lifecycles, and delivering data analytics-based business insights, we have worked with clients to build solutions for the logistics value chain.


We provide solutions that help companies in the hospitality sector achieve their business objectives and deliver personalized customer experiences and perform critical tasks that put businesses on a higher growth trajectory. Guests expect interconnected customer experiences throughout all your locations, ease of access, and high-speed internet with fluid Wi-Fi connections. From the dining room to the bedroom, to the pool, to beyond, guests need to be connected while they experience all that your hospitality has to offer.


Technology-led innovations along with changing customer needs are forcing IT/ITeS and BPO companies to rethink their existing business models. It has put pressure on companies to capitalize on opportunities by modernizing their existing processes. Our solutions have helped our clients develop products, improve sales and order-to-cash operations, reduce costs of technical and customer support, and optimize their application portfolio leading to improved profit margins.

Oil & Gas

We provide full-service IT and digital solutions across the oil and gas industry, including the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. We have a proven record helping to improve production efficiency, safety compliance, and environmental performance through data-driven decision making and continuous process innovation, vital business outcomes for the fast-evolving oil and gas industry.


Out Solutions has an array of Innovative solutions, technology tools and skill-sets that help our customers to set-up bigdata enabled intelligence systems with effective data models, key performance indicators, in shorter Time to market. With IoT and AI, manufacturers have more effective ways to boost factory productivity and product quality.


Media and Entertainment companies partner with many different firms to produce movies. We help with enterprise NAS, we partner with firm to build a corporate directory structure and a framework to deliver data to the right place when they need it. They need a speedy network that can handle the intense demands of an M&E company. We design and manage the network you need to support 4K live editing, high-end storage, and quick collaboration – wherever your team members may be.


Learn how we are developing digital skills across the globe by working with schools and universities to digitize classrooms and train the next generation of technologists.


There is today a pressing demand for cutting-edge services and enriched customer experiences at a significantly lower cost. It is imperative that insurance players be able to transform distribution channels, sell complex yet flexible products online, and address security and privacy concerns for a strategic competitive advantage


Automotive Industry has gone beyond just moving vehicles. It is about intelligence, smartness, high performance, telematics, mobility and analytics. It is about providing innovative IT solutions in a cost-effective way. Our IT Services and Solutions works with automotive manufacturers to reduce operational costs and time for launching a new product.


We help our clients implement new-age healthcare solutions that improve the quality of services provided to patients and boost operational efficiency. However, with so many processes built over the years, the current emergency platform needs a relook at the efficiency of the services delivered and opportunities to improve the operational effectiveness of the processes and technology.


Our solutions for the retail and consumer goods sector allow you to considerably improve customer intimacy and operational efficiency. As a digital partner, we help our clients realize business value through digital transformation by providing solutions for innovation in Business Models, Business Processes, Products, Services and Customer Experience. Using data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies