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Structured Cabling Services

Connect to your future – fast, secure, and reliable

Structured Cabling Services offers a portfolio of precision solutions to address your communications cabling and Data Centre demands. Whether you want us to manage simple moves, adds or changes, or design complete solutions and installations, our flexible approach and thorough work practices guarantee successful results.

From wall mounted enclosures, Equipment Racks for branch offices, Open patch frames for high density applications to entire Data Centre suites, Structured Cabling will design and install your network infrastructure. With cable performance options to address any requirement or budget you are guaranteed a standards complaint solution that will perform consistently for years to come.

  • Data cabling services include

    Data cabling services include:

    • Category 5e, 6, 6a, coax (TV), speaker cable, outside plant
    • Providing the type of data cable needed for specific purposes or solutions, depending on the present and projected technical requirement.

    • Plenum, non-plenum, and PVC
    • Electrical cabling solutions depending on physical infrastructure requirements and chemical makeup desired.

    • Backbone cabling (including feed-pair cables and demarc extensions)
    • Connection of cable structures between facilities and rooms, providing the needed cable framework for your business

    • Riser cable and conduit installation for high-rise buildings
    • Cabling that rises between floors as part of the backbone of your data cabling infrastructure and its design

    • Cable Certifications
    • Ensuring the data cabling installed goes in accordance with product specifications and due requirements.

    • Manufacturer certified technicians
    • OWe work with professionals with special training and certification from cable manufacturers to ensure the quality of work and keen technical insight

  • Fibre Optics Services

    Fiber optic services include:

    • ngle-mode (OS1, OS2)
    • Usually used for long distance communications for telecommunication service companies and educational organizations.

    • Multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3)
    • Used mostly for internal, short distance network communications and device telecommunications.

    • Termination types: ST, SC, LC
    • Fiber optic connector settings used selectively for each type of application.

    • Fiber optic backbones and demarc extensions
    • Connections for large internal data management for fiber optic infrastructure design.

    • Extended manufacturer warranties available
    • Fiber optic cables from manufacturers who provide a warranty against product defects.

    • Fiber certifications
    • Cables manufactured to performance specifications and safety standards from the industry

    • Manufacturer certified technicians
    • Installed by a team of trained professionals with knowledge and insight into the workings of fiber optic cabling solutions.

  • Rack cable management services

    Our rack cable management services include:

    • Custom designed MDF/IDF/server room layouts
    • Cable distribution frames to manage multiple simultaneous connections

    • 2 and 4-post network racks
    • Server rack cable management frames to mount your connection hubs with multiple space capacities.

    • Enclosed cabinets in variety of heights and sizes
    • Following quality standards, improving cooling capacities and facilitating wiring solutions.

    • Ladder racking and supports
    • Solid supports for cable runway management.

    • Rack shelving
    • A practical way to provide heavy duty rack cabling installation.

    • Vertical and horizontal cable management
    • Forming customized pathways depending on the needs and specifications of the space.

    • Power distribution units (PDUs)
    • Electrical power distribution units that provide power management and protection to the server rack installation.

  • Network Rack Clean Up Service

    Data cabling services include:

      Across our 20 years in business, we have seen our fair share of messy network closets. A network closet without proper cable management is a disaster waiting to happen. Intertwined and accumulated patch cords pose an unwanted risk to network hardware, preventing proper airflow and putting physical strain on the network ports. Troubleshooting structured cabling or network issues becomes nigh impossible.

      In our experience, this untidy cabling starts with small mistakes like purchasing patch cords that are too long for their intended purpose. As your company and infrastructure grow, new patch cables get piled on top of existing patches, making the entire clean-up seem even more daunting. Keeping these cables sorted and organized is essential to maintaining a healthy network. When structured cabling is properly mapped and organized, removing, or relocating cables is a breeze.

      We can help your team make sense of your network rack. Our expert team can assist with repatching and re-dressing your network rack. With complimentary no-cost site surveys we will insure we can provide a cost-efficient solution to your needs.

      We will deploy suitable cable management systems tailored to your network rack, relabel, and tag all new or existing structured cabling, and install new fiber or copper patch cords. With our network rack clean-up services, we will guarantee your closet will be looking clean, neat, and efficient.