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Hybrid Cloud

    With an open and flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure, you can be ready for anything

    Hybrid Cloud combines on-site infrastructure with Public Cloud and/or Private Cloud environments. In the Private Cloud hardware and software are dedicated to your organisation or are provided by your Managed Service Provider. Since no one is sharing your resources, you reduce the chances of data security issues. This means you can take advantage of many Public Cloud benefits but with greater control.

    Hybrid cloud computing offers numerous advantages to enterprise organizations.

    While several advantages are associated with the hybrid cloud infrastructure, it is not the right cloud deployment for all organizations. There are numerous disadvantages of the hybrid cloud that outweigh its advantages, based on key priorities, needs, and budget constraints of organizations.

  • Advantages

    • Better control
    • Better support for a remote workforce
    • Flexibility
    • Reduced costs
    • Improved scalability and control
    • Increased agility and innovation
    • Business continuity
    • Improved security and risk management
  • Disadvantages

    • Security
    • Visibility
    • Investment
    • Compatibility
    • Networking
    • Control