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Hyper Converged Infrastructure

    Tightly integrate compute, storage and virtualization resources in a single system which is smarter, simpler, smaller – and more efficient than ever before!

    Hyperconvergence - the future of the data centre

    Rising challenges of enterprise applications are leaving traditional hardware silos in the dust. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) modernizes data centres by combining compute, storage and networking with software, consolidating a single solution of virtualized resources that is flexible, scalable and easy to manage.

    We offer leading solutions in hyper-convergence and the expertise to help you integrate them into your existing data centre.

    Today’s modern workplace must be agile to meet evolving business challenges. Legacy technology cannot adapt and scale to your business needs. By updating to Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), you can

Reason customers choose Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


    Multiple sites running disparate platforms equals a genuine hassle for IT. A common hyper-converged infrastructure brings order to administration, support, deployment and data protection.


    With a distributed model that replicates data across multiple nodes, HCI’s built-in redundancy minimises the impact of a lost node on your operations and simplifies disaster recovery.


    HCI’s dedupe and compression capabilities enable you to store more VMs, while data protection and replication get users back up and running faster with persistent desktops.


    Hyper-convergence radically simplifies management of virtual infrastructure, accelerating deployment of new applications and services that support your business.


    By consolidating your organization’s data centre with hyper-converged infrastructure, you can reduce operating costs related to power, cooling, and square footage.


    Using technologies such as flash storage, deduplication, and hypervisors, HCI supports and quickly deploys diverse workloads — from virtual desktops to critical applications.

We strongly recommend Hyper converged Infrastructure services to enterprises to deliver simplicity and flexibility when compared with legacy solutions. The integrated storage systems, servers and networking switches are designed to be managed as a single system, across all instances of a hyper converged infrastructure. The inherent management capabilities enable ease of use, and software-defined storage is expected to yield greater scalability and resource efficiency.

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  • Preparing TCO and ROI.
  • Eventual implementation.

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