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Storage Virtualization

Pooling Storage from Multiple Network Devices into a Single Device

    Today, businesses can live and die just by the ability to effectively capture, store, and utilize data. With the acceleration in data growth, simply adding disks are no longer enough. Storage consolidation & virtualization solutions can help you keep ahead of storage demands and allow you to meet with a proactive and integrated approach to storage infrastructure management.

    Storage virtualization unlocks "logical" volumes from physical locations, making information more readily available to business applications across the infrastructure. With a virtualized storage infrastructure organizations can drive greater utilization of storage assets, enable greater flexibility and responsiveness to rapidly changing business demands and significantly simplify storage infrastructure management.

    Storage consolidation & virtualization can help you:

    • Support business agility by making storage provisioning fast, easy, and flexible
    • Dramatically improve storage utilization rates
    • Extend the value of investments by transparently pooling diverse storage assets
    • Improve productivity with reliable data access across the organization
    • Optimize physical media access for energy efficiency
    • Enable easy scalability to keep pace with data demands
    • Simplify storage infrastructure management, even to a single point of control


    Ultimately, the business value of the IT infrastructure is defined by its ability to deliver the right data to the right resources at the right time. Storage consolidation &virtualization makes that process faster, easier, and more efficient, helping you extract more value from your infrastructure investments and from your available data.