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Growth History

We have seen stellar growth during the last two decades.
We highlight below a few of the important landmarks during our journey.

Consistent growth.

Vcom has seen two decades of continuous and profitable growth.

Exceptional customer service.

Our customers trust us not just for developing a solution, but also for supporting them throughout their journey.

Single window shop.

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Strategic relationships.

Vcom has symbiotic relationships with practically every globally-renowned technology major known for their hardware- and software-based products and services.

Reliable Quality of Service.

Vcom is a process-driven organization, and this results in consistency of service quality for every, single customer, regardless of their ticket size.

Large customer base.

Vcom has built a massive base of satisfied customers over the decades, both pan-India and globally.


At Vcom, we continuously keep adapting both in terms of technology and management. We embrace not just cutting-edge technology, but also welcome evolving customer needs, since this is part of our organizational ethos.

Committed team.

You will find that our teams are not just motivated, but also committed towards operational excellence.

Continuous learning.

As a growing organization, we realize that both technology and management ideas and concepts are never stagnant, and in fact keep evolving practically every single day. To this end, if we are to stay relevant, we keep learning and upgrading our overall team skills. We invest heavily in training our teams.

Team synchronicity.

Our teams coordinate closely so that there are no operational silos and everybody is in the know, so that we are able to deliver a congruent solution to our customers. A good side-effect of this is that it also enhances accountability and coherence amongst our teams so that we are better able to deliver to our customers.

Operational scalability

Over the years, we have built a multi-functional team at Vcom so that we are able to quickly scale our capacity to match our clients’ growth.

Best-of-the-best industry talent.

We have extremely stringent hiring processes so that we always have a large pool of industry-certified professionals with the required skill sets for diverse technological products and challenges.

Effective process management.

We continuously keep tweaking our internal and external processes to reflect our rich industry experience. This helps us effectively deal with complex operational activities while also improving our delivery timelines. All this translates to lower risks and costs for our customers.