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Record, analyse and archive surveillance data. Digitally protect and secure your business assets and facilities today.

Surveillance has become not only more important for companies but has also evolved into an advanced branch of the IT industry. The security of your people and facilities depends on your system’s ability to detect and communicate with you quickly anytime, anywhere, and with all security applications that work together, incidents instantly detected, identified, reported, and handled. Motion sensors and window contacts automatically send alerts to command central when an intrusion event occurs in a secure zone.

  • We design & build IP surveillance solutions for the security of people and assets of your organization.
  • Our solutions include IP Cameras, Video Surveillance Operational Manager Software & Video Analytics. The solutions provide actionable intelligence to security personnel with tools to classify objects, detect camera tampering and loitering events, trigger tripwire alerts, distinguish objects left behind or taken away from the scene, people & vehicle counting, license plate reading, occupancy & dwell time detection etc.
  • We have expertise in Networks and Video, our engineered solutions integrate tightly with IP networks, interoperate with your existing system providing operational flexibility & lower cost of ownership..
  • Our deployment services include bandwidth estimation, QoS, security, network services, and virtualizing the key elements of provisioning enterprise IP network to support surveillance video.
  • Surveillance on Cloud

    Surveillance on Cloud:

      With cloud gaining a lot of popularity these days, new age video recorders are gaining traction in the market- CMVR i.e. cloud-managed video recorders. With keeping cloud needs in mind these are designed with no physical recorder on-site and there is just a bridge appliance connecting all the cameras with the cloud data centre directly with no human interaction in between. We can provide solutions on CCTV on cloud.

  • Mobility

    Mobile devices get business done anywhere, anytime

      With today’s mobility, employees, partners, and customers can conduct business anywhere, anytime, from any device. And you can set standards to protect information by managing account access by device.

      Mobility solutions necessarily unify the mobility network, secure, and manage mobile devices, and create an open ecosystem for your applications. You can even implement mobility across disparate networks. This means the barriers between personal, private, and public networks disappear, delivering a consistent mobile experience.

      Track and locate efficiently

      There is an explosion of tools and devices in each profession to assist people in doing their jobs more efficiently. Professionals using these devices are very mobile and their devices are, too. But when those devices can’t be found, their absence becomes an obstacle to getting work done. Mobile Device Management (MDM) locates mobile work tools and helps businesses eliminate inefficiencies that directly affect profitability.