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Cloud Infrastructure

    Simplifying your cloud - Let’s Make Your Cloud Better

    Let’s Make Your Cloud Better Or Simplifying your cloud

    The use of Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) worldwide continues to grow, and the services offering continue to innovate and mature. It is no more a hype and 60% of the businesses have already presence in the cloud. However, organizations of all shapes and sizes still have questions when considering the IaaS deployments:

    • What Cloud provider is right for what workloads? And what's the right approach - IaaS? SaaS? PaaS?
    • How do I secure my infrastructure in the Cloud?
    • How do I manage services in the Cloud?
    • What's the real cost of using the Cloud?

    We do not own Cloud infrastructure. We haven't invested in datacentre space or static infrastructure to then resell to our customers. Instead we focus on leveraging infrastructure from leading Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services.

    Using a vendor neutral, consultative approach, we offer a portfolio of solutions and products, as well as our knowledge and expertise to help you choose a cloud strategy that enables your organization to achieve positive business outcomes.

    We provide guidance across all deployment models—public, private, hybrid and distributed cloud —helping you decide what approach is right for your organization’s needs.

    Cloud deployment models

    Cloud solutions are deployed in four primary ways today. The right model for your business will depend on your unique needs and goals. Our certified experts can help you choose, implement, and optimize the right approach.