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Date Center Relocation

Why trust your data center relocation to a general-purpose moving company?

Relocating a data center is a critical operation that must go smoothly.

For most complex IT projects, one size does not fit all. Some clients can do much of the planning required to successfully move a data centre in house. In these cases, they may need a partner only to physically execute the move. In other cases, clients do not have resources with the time, the skills, and/or the knowledge required; they need a partner to manage the planning process and then execute the plan.

At VCOM, our first step in any data centre relocation is to establish a dialog with you and your team so we can better understand your specific needs in the planning space.

We utilize a proven, methodology when handling a customer's data center relocation initiative. We customize each move to accommodate all your environmental requirements, from all the interconnected hardware products, software, custom applications, cabling, miscellaneous devices, power, along with risk assessment and planning for the unexpected.

Our company has been involved in numerous data center relocation moves.  With that experience, we add great value to the planning stage because we show you steps that help avoid problems for you.  In the end, our services make the move smoother, less troublesome, faster, and certainly more affordable than other transportation companies.

Allow us to be your partner in the move.  With the help of our staff, you can create a workable relocation plan that helps you avoid the challenges and pitfalls that often accompany such a move.

  • We offer end to end data center relocation services to address all your needs, including

    • Pre-site Inspection
    • Project Planning & Move scheduling
    • Project Management
    • Inventory / Assets Management
    • Labeling
    • Packing
    • De-installation of Equipment’s
    • Insurance
    • Transportation
    • Unpacking
    • Reinstallation of Equipment’s


  • Pre-move Planning, De-stage, Transit, Re-stage

  • Step One – Planning

    Before any equipment is moved or uninstalled, a complete pre-move assessment and needs analysis is conducted to ensure that the location is prepared to support the incoming infrastructure. Updates are then made to the new site if necessary.

  • Step Two - De-stage

    Our team expertly disassembles, uninstalls, and carefully packs your equipment for shipment. A detailed inventory list is maintained to prevent anything from becoming lost or misplaced in the process. All cords, cables and peripheral equipment are labeled so that reassembly is a snap.

  • Step Three – Transit

    Arrangements are made to transport the equipment safely, carefully, and efficiently to your new location.

  • Step Four - Re-stage

    The infrastructure is unpacked, installed, and integrated fully at the new location. This step often provides the perfect opportunity for your company to upgrade or adapt the hardware or software being installed to the needs of your new location.