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IT Infrastructure Services

Our objective is helping you align your technology to your business goals and reach your desired outcomes—faster and more cost-effectively.

We understand requirement, design, and implement the IT Infrastructure based on ITIL and other industry best practices. A senior member of our IT team works with client business executives to develop an IT strategy that supports the organization’s business objectives and helps build a strong competitive advantage. The team also ensures that the right level of IT resources is available to meet changing levels of demand.

In today’s digital environment where business is done 24/7, the ability to provide connectivity to the services that your customers and employees need has become essential.

  • Are your customers able to easily interact with your business when it’s most convenient for them?
  • Could your employees use more connectivity to perform their jobs more effectively?

Vcom has helped many organizations convert sluggish, congested networks into agile, free-flowing connectors.

  • Network Infrastructure Design

    Design and deploy a state-of-the-art network that improves current processes, dramatically speeds up response times and resolves problems more easily, Power, environment controls, UPS, and warranty/support. ISP, network switching, wireless, cabling, connectivity, LAN/WAN, redundancy and warranty/support.

  • SD-WAN

    Steer traffic intelligently and minimize congestion with advanced management capabilities that provide simplified WAN operation and increased agility.

  • WAN Optimization

    Combat slow data transfers and boost application performance by maximizing data flow efficiency across your WAN with a unique optimization strategy.

  • Network Optimization

    Gain a faster, more efficient network with greater performance insight and visibility to provide network users with seamless and reliable experiences.

  • Network Migration

    Vcom gathers baseline data, determines involved systems and relevant processes and then use its extensive knowledge to create the best possible network migration solution for your business.

  • Business Communication

    Foster greater teamwork and improve communication by utilizing advanced collaboration tools and technology to easily share data anytime from anywhere.

  • Server & Storage

    Help you to strategize your compute infrastructure with Planning, Performance, Capability, Accessibility, Permissions, Virtualization, Operating Systems, Warranty/Support.

  • IT Disaster Recover/Business Continuity

    Recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), disaster recovery (DR) planning/readiness, business and impact analysis, and backups.

  • Cloud Services

    Compliance, availability, accessibility, and service delivery model.

  • Business Services/Applications

    Collaboration and messaging, financial management, CRM, Active Directory/directory services, business intelligence, and file/print sharing.

  • Network Security

    RTO Password policies, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, content filtering, and physical security.

  • Risk

    Risk identification and risk analysis.